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Advantage Workforce

A complete labor management solution for time & attendance and labor scheduling. Read about our customer experiences here.

Coming Soon:  ATS and Onboarding

A flexible, easy to use, and fully integrated solution for employee recruiting, evaluation, and hiring.

Flagship Saves $600,000

Flagship attributes these astounding savings to a 4-5% reduction in cost of goods sold per store as a result of implementing Compeat.

DIG Reduces Costs by Over 5%

This POS and Back Office Integration story details the DIG and Harbortouch cost-cutting experience made possible by Compeat.

FSTec - Sept 21-23

Focus on game-changing trends at the industry's Woodstock for technology-minded executives from headquarters dpts.

Rest. CFO Bootcamp - Sept 23-24

Discuss issues such as obtaining financing, compensation plans, tax updates, audit issues, rest. valuation, and benchmarking.








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